Follow the Roaches to Our Nation’s Capital

Youth for Christ (YFC) has been a friend in ministry for many years but we had no idea that this partnership would lead to the perfect opportunity. This organization has an ambitious and strategic goal of serving ONE MILLION KIDS, ages 11-19, with mentorship and Christ sharing relationships. And since 70% of those kids live in major cities, the target became very clear.

YFC approached us about bringing executive leadership and community engagement to a major US city. This was the perfect mix of challenging and purposeful work for both of us. It allows us to work together while bringing our unique skills and talents to the table. In life and ministry, we have always looked to see where God is at work and asked how we can come along side to add value. We considered a few different places, but there was one that really stood out. Washington D.C.

The scope of this project is BIG which is a little scary and yet it’s busting at the seams with potential. Our roles will focus on Community Engagement and Executive Leadership as we expand on YFC’s programs of City Life, Campus Life, Military Life and Juvenile Justice Ministry.

It’s now more important than ever that you subscribe to our email list and please give to this challenging work with teenagers in our nation’s capital.

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